12YO Select team wins Cooperstown tournament

Carrollton Boosters Select baseball program has done something it has never done before…our 12 year olds won the Cooperstown tournament. MH Phillips is the head coach of this team and this tournament is the capstone of our program. Our players won all 12 games they played. Check out the bracket here. The team also placed second in the “Around the Horn Plus” team skills competition out of 104 teams. Also among the winners list is a 3rd place King of Swat finisher from the Bayou Bombers coached by Dave Fielding one of our umpires.

Many of our players have been Boosters players since the age of 4 with tournament team play as a complement to the recreational league beginning at age 7.   Players are:
Kade Anderson
Eddie Cerrone
Canaan Clayton
Bennett Ducasse
William Good
Jace Larsen
Will Randle
William Sheridan
Steven Spalitta
Joshua Washington
William Zurik