2014 Baseball Grading

mandatory grading for Carrollton Boosters baseball is scheduled as follows:

Sunday, April 6
7/8 - Field D – 12pm
9/10 - Field A – 2pm
11/12 - Field B – 1pm
Tuesday, April 8
7/8 - Field D - 6pm
9/10 - Field A - 6pm
11/12 - Field E - 6pm (note the field change for this date only)
Thursday, April 10
7/8 - Field D - 6pm
9/10 - Field A - 6pm
11/12 - Field B - 6pm

13-15 grading will be Sunday, May 4, Monday, May 5 and Tuesday, May 6 at Avenger. Time TBA  

Players must be registered in order to grade.
What will happen at grading? The boys will be lined up for basic fielding and batting drills so that coaches and the league coordinators may assess skills. The boys should play to the best of their ability.
How long will it take? A long time. Each of the kids will be put through the grading process individually. All of the coaches and coordinators will be there for EVERY grading session. Please be patient. The process has proven over time to create more evenly matched teams and a better baseball experience over the course of the summer.
Any tips on saving time?  The line is first come, first served and every child that shows will be graded.  The Sunday session will take 4+ hours, and some found success last year by arriving significantly later on Sunday and getting at the back of the diminishing line.  Be careful though, once there are no more kids in line grading is over.  Once your child has completed grading, we ask that you please leave the field so that the other boys can be graded.  The concession stand will be open, so feel free to hang around the park and visit with friends if you like.
What should I bring? All kids should bring their gloves and a baseball cap. If your son has a batting helmet of his own he may bring it, but he must have his equipment with him in the line. The concession stand will be open for all sessions.  Lawn chairs and patience wouldn’t hurt either. We will supply a selection of bats…WE WILL NOT ALLOW 100+ KIDS TO STAND IN LINE WITH BATS. This is a safety issue and there will be no exceptions.
What shouldn’t I bring? Do not bring your son’s own BAT and absolutely no BATTING GLOVES or anything else that will slow the process. Sorry, no exceptions and failure to comply will force us to put kids to the back of the line.
What should the boys wear? Comfortable clothes for baseball…cleats if you have them…don’t forget a baseball cap.
Will there be a make-up? Yes, there will be one limited make-up grading session.
I have two children in the league. Will they be on the same team? Yes, brothers are drafted together and assigned to the same team unless it is specifically requested that they NOT be put together.
My son has a favorite coach or friends with whom he would like to be paired. How do I handle this? Carrollton leagues are graded and drafted. We cannot consider or honor these requests.
May I show up at any grading day?  Yes, you may show up at any grading day.  We no longer assign boys to specific grading days. You only need to go to one session.
I have questions, to whom should I address? The league coordinators are listed on the league pages of the website above. Also, as the Commissioner of Baseball, I am happy to address any questions or concerns.
When will I be informed of team assignments? Teams will be assigned after Easter. You will get an initial contact from your head coach shortly thereafter. We look forward to a great season and an organized grading.

When will we practice? Practice frequency, location, and days are entirely up to the coach and will vary.

When will I get a schedule? The schedule will not be provided until all drafts are completed after Easter.

When will the league start, how long will it last, on what days of the week will we play? The league will start this year approximately the first weekend in May. We could play any day of the week with Sundays likely only in case of rainouts. Most leagues will continue into July past the 4th. The 13-15 league and possibly the youngest, non-competitive leagues should end by July 4. Playoffs are likely to occur after the July 4th holiday.

Jeremy Mancheski
Commissioner of Baseball
Carrollton Boosters

Baseball 2014 update

Please register on line via www.carrolltonboosters.org

With a cold winter behind us, a school year with an end in sight, and the plausibility of things turning green again…it can mean only one thing – baseball!

Some facts about Carrollton Boosters baseball:

WE ARE ORGANIZED – As an organization managed entirely by volunteers, we provide a well-run environment that ensures competitiveness, inclusiveness, and fairness. Teams are divided equally and participation is mandated at all levels. My role as commissioner is to oversee coordinators for each league who, in turn, oversee team coaches to ensure these ideals.

WE HAVE KIDS FROM EVERYWHERE – While most team events will take place at either the Riverview facility (behind the zoo on the river) or at Cuccia Byrnes (off Carrollton by Earhart), we draw kids from all over the New Orleans metro area. We do NOT have any geographic restrictions on participation.

WE HAVE A LOT OF PLAYERS – Last year we had 1,000 kids play summer baseball alone. This means a fun but competitive environment and lots of variation in opponents.

WE HAVE EXCEPTIONAL FACILITIES – This past year we installed artificial turf on the 3 primary infields at our Riverview facility. This is in addition to the all-turf Avenger field. As turf drains quickly, the 3pm New Orleans summer shower won’t delay or cancel as many games.

WE HAVE MANY LEAGUES – We have a league for ages 4 – 15 (May 1 cut off) grouped as follows: Each league has a league page where you can access league rules, season schedule and the league blog. Coordinator contact information, and pictures of your league coordinators are available on the Blog page for each league.

4yo T-Ball
5-6 League
7-8 League
9-10 League
11-12 League
13-15 League

Each league is a little different based on age, structure, etc. Please review the league pages for detail on each age group and contact information for league coordinators.

WE HAVE RULES – Kids may only play for their Carrollton team during the season and will be removed if they play on outside teams including non-Carrollton travel teams. This is to ensure fairness and participation.

WE PLAY MOST NIGHTS/DAYS – While we try to avoid playing on Sundays, games can run most nights/or Saturday during the day from late April through mid July.

WE HAVE A GREAT ATMOSHPERE – There is nothing quite like the atmosphere at the park on a warm summer night. A cold beer, a hot dog, and a great game have capped off many long days at work.

WE NEED YOUR HELPPlease consider volunteering to coach or sponsoring your team. Contact me directly if you have questions or need more information. Your involvement is critical to the success of the program. You can sign up to do both in the registration system.

I look forward to a fun season.

Jeremy Mancheski
Commissioner of Baseball
Carrollton Boosters
504-458-5568 cell

10yo select team wins tourney

Screen shot 2014-04-16 at 12.06.42 PM
The Carrollton 10-year old Select team recently won the Houma Bayouland USSSA Open Tournament.  Playing as the second seed, Carrollton won its initial Sunday bracket game in dramatic fashion by twice battling back from four-run deficits late in the game.  The most compelling was a bases loaded, two out, two strike, 3RBI walk off hit by Jacob Frost.  Carrollton then prevailed in the championship game 9-3.  William Hewitt and Jack Robert were stellar on the mound each pitching complete games with no earned runs surrendered and only one walk between them.  It was the team's first Tournament Championship of the new season and netted a championship belt.

Coaches of the team are: Roger May, Jonathan Robert, Cooper Manning, Ken Milvid, Evan Duhon and Head Coach Gerald Duhon