16 February 2014

9/10 Baseball

This is a boy’s baseball league with modified rules to encourage first-time kid pitchers. This is also competitive league with scores and standings kept as well as playoffs beginning in late June. All players are equally divided by talent onto teams and EVERY player participates and contributes to the team. Accordingly, the most successful teams are those that encourage the best out of every skill level and create a true team dynamic. Rules are in place to limit pitching to ensure fairness and reduce pitching-related arm injuries.

Pre-season grading is
required in this league (details will be posted on the website and emailed when available). Coaches select players for their team via a draft. As all Carrollton teams are selected via a draft, we cannot ensure friends or classmates will be on the same team. Siblings will be placed on the same team unless otherwise requested.

A real baseball is used in this league. Players may use any bat that carries a USSSA or USABat certification.

Carrollton provides a team hat and shirt and access to helmets and bats but personal bats and helmets are encouraged.

I am proud to have Dwight Morrison and Brian Lawrence, whose contact information is on this blog page, assist in coordinating this league. Should you have any questions, please contact Dwight, Brian, or myself, and we will be happy to assist.


 9-10 League Coordinators
Dwight Morrison (dcmorrisonjr@bectechconsultants.com; 504.284.8892)
Brian Lawrence (Brian.lawrence@morganstanley.com; 214.793.0071)