2017 Fall Season Camp & Fall Ball Practices

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(Information on Girls Fall Clinic is coming soon)

  • Open to both new players and experienced players as well
  • Goal is the get players ready for the 2018 Lacrosse Season
  • Fundamentals/Rules/Team Play are taught to new players
  • Experienced players have a chance to further develop their skills
  • Multiple age groups (8 year olds through High School)
  • Open to all players – Carrollton Lacrosse as well as any other school/club
  • Players will need all lacrosse equipment (Helmet, stick, pads) for the clinic

Practices are on Tuesdays and Thursday evenings

6:00pm to 7:30pm

Avenger Field (in Audubon Park behind the tennis courts)

First Practice is Tuesday September 12
Last Practice is Thursday November 16

Cost is $150 (per player)

Email Doug Mills at
lacrosse@carrolltonboosters.org for Enrollment Form and additional information on the program and equipment requirements

Carrollton Lacrosse FAQ's

What is Carrollton Lacrosse?

Carrollton Lacrosse is the lacrosse portion of the larger entity, Carrollton Boosters Club, Inc (CBC). We are the largest community based, coed lacrosse program in southern Louisiana. In 2016, we fielded several boys’ teams - U11, U13, U15 and Junior Varsity. We also fielded a high school aged girls' team. As a recreation program, we are open to all players regardless of skills or experience.

At what age can a child begin playing lacrosse?

The youngest age group for the boys is currently U11 (Under 11 years old), which is comprised of eight, nine and ten year old boys. The age “cut off date” for lacrosse is August 31st, so the player should be at least 8 years old by August 31, 2016.

Currently, the girls’ program is only available for high school aged girls (9
th to 12th grade). Hopefully, we will add girls’ youth teams in the near future.

What time of year is lacrosse played?

At Carrollton Lacrosse, we play from early September to the end of April in two distinctive "seasons". The fall season is for training. New players begin to learn the fundamentals of the game, while returning players further develop their skills. The spring season is when we play games and tournaments.

Fall Ball is a series of practices that run from the week after Labor Day until late November. We practice twice a week (Tuesdays and Thursdays) at Avenger Field in Audubon Park. There are no weekend lacrosse events in the fall.

During the spring, we also practice twice a week and play games almost every weekend from early January to the last weekend in April. We are off the weekend before Mardi Gras and Easter weekend.

Does a player have to play in both the Fall and Spring?

For new players, it is
mandatory that they participate in Fall Ball practices in order to be eligible to play in the spring. The reason for this requirement is that it is impossible to play lacrosse (or any sport) without mastering the fundamentals and Fall Ball is when we teach fundamentals - cradling (keeping control of the ball in the stick), throwing, catching, shooting, ground balls and defense.

What gear is required for lacrosse?

For boys, the gear consists of the following (all lacrosse specific)
- Helmet
- Lacrosse Stick
- Shoulder Pads
- Arm/Elbow Pads
- Gloves
- Mouth guard (the kind that attaches to the face mask)
- Cleats (any kind with rubber cleats. No metal spikes)

Total costs can vary, but run about $200-$250 initially for the boys and less for the girls as they don't require a helmet. The most expensive items - helmet and stick - will not wear out and can allow for multi years of use. The youth helmets are expandable, so they can be used as the boys grow older/larger.

For the girls, the gear consists of the following (all lacrosse specific)
- Lacrosse Stick
- Eye Protection
- Mouth Guard
- Cleats (and kind with rubber cleats. No metal spikes)

What are the costs associated with lacrosse?

In addition to the gear, there is a participation fee for the fall program ($150 in 2015) and another fee for the spring program ($175 in 2015). There are some out of town games and tournaments, but only one that requires an overnight stay (Lafayette). The girls travel a little more in search of competition, so their travel costs are slightly higher.

From the fees, we pay for uniforms, balls, equipment, referee fees, tournament fees and field expenses for Carrollton.

Where does Carrollton Lacrosse practice?

We are fortunate to have a wonderful facility at our disposal, Avenger Field in Audubon Park (behind the tennis courts/next to Children's Hospital). Avenger is lighted and has field turf, so we can practice in the evenings and play in all but the worst weather conditions. Avenger also has rest rooms and a concessions stand for game days.

Who does Carrollton compete against?

The boys play against teams from across the city, south Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

The younger teams compete in the newly formed Louisiana Youth Lacrosse Association (LYLA) which will include Carrollton, Christian Brothers, St. Catherine's, St. Martin's, Northshore, Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Christ Episcopal of Covington.

The high school boys compete in the Louisiana High School Lacrosse Association at both the junior varsity and varsity levels. There are over 25 schools and clubs in the state association.

At this point, the local competition is very limited for the girls, but there are a handful of programs on the Gulf Coast as well as tournaments in which the girls’ team competes.

Who are the coaches for Carrollton Lacrosse?

Like all Carrollton sports, lacrosse looks to involve the parents in coaching as much as possible. Given the fact that lacrosse is new to the area, we have recruited over a dozen former college players who volunteer as our coaches. Their collective knowledge and experience are what has fueled the success of the program. We have more coaches, with more collective experience, than any program in the area.

Our coaches are primarily teachers, as almost all of the players come to the sport as beginners. The ability to teach the fundamentals properly and quickly aids in the development of the players and teams. Their college experiences also make them great “in game” coaches and allow for a continually improving level of play.

Does lacrosse “compete” with other sports?

While our seasons (fall and spring) do overlap with several other sports, we do our best to keep things in balance. We practice in the evenings which cuts down on conflicts with school sports. We practice twice a week (and play games each weekend in the spring) which again should allow for participation in school sports. We are flexible in working around school sports and other scheduled activities (music, plays, etc.)

Who is the main contact for Carrollton Lacrosse?

Doug Mills
(504) 952-9056