Spring Soccer 2016

The Carrollton Boosters Spring Soccer program is a recreational, intramural program for boys and girls aged 3 – 12 as of July 31, 2015.
Registered players are placed in the following leagues* according to date of birth:

U-4 (Under 4): Boys and Girls who were 3 on July 31, 2015
U-6: Boys and Girls who were 4 or 5 on July 31, 2015
U-8 Boys: Boys who were 6 or 7 on July 31, 2015
U-8 Girls: Girls who were 6 or 7 on July 31, 2015
U-10 Boys: Boys who were 8 or 9 on July 31, 2015
U-10 Girls: Girls who were 8 or 9 on July 31, 2015
U-13 Boys: Boys who were 10, 11 or 12 on July 31, 2015
U-13 Girls: Girls who were 10, 11, or 12 on July 31, 2015

* For Spring Soccer, you have the option of advancing your child one age level. For example, if your son is a “soccer 5-year old”, meaning he was 5 as of July 31, 2015, then you will be able to register him for either the U-6 mixed league or the U-8 boys league. Likewise, if your daughter is a “soccer 7-year old”, meaning she was 7 as of July 31, 2015, then you will be able to register her for either the U-8 or U-10 Girls league.

All U-6, U-8, U-10, and U-13 players are drafted onto teams, then play a schedule of games from mid-January through the beginning of April. All games will once again be at the Carrollton fields on the Audubon Riverview (the “Fly”). Games will be on Saturdays, at varying times, plus some leagues will have games on Friday nights. Coaches will schedule practices after the teams are drafted. Practices are generally on weekday evenings. U-6 teams do not practice outside of their Saturday time slot.

Players will be issued team shirts and socks, to be worn at all games. They will also need shin guards, plus either soccer cleats (preferable) or tennis shoes. Each player should have his or her own ball as well. Appropriate ball sizes are #3 for U-4, U-6, and U-8; and #4 for U-10 and U-13.

Carrollton will once again feature an introductory program for boys and girls who were 3-years old as of July 31, 2015. Registered players will be divided into small training groups and will be assigned a professional coach to conduct elementary training and small-sided games. This will take place on Saturday mornings, at a designated time to be announced.


To register, click on the registration tab and follow the procedure. The fee is $125 for your first child, plus $100 per additional child. If registering more than one child, be sure to register all children before checking out. You may pay on line by credit card or you may choose the option to send a check, but note that your registration is not considered complete until fees are paid. Players who are not registered will not be graded or drafted onto teams.

Contact Alan Godchaux at
algodch@aol.com for registration or payment assistance.

We are trying something new this season to streamline the grading process. Players who are registered for the same league in which they played in the Fall 2015 season will not need to be graded. All players who are moving up to the U-8, U-10, or U-13 age group, and all players who did not play in the Fall 2015 Carrollton soccer program, will need to be graded. Consult our web site in mid-December for the grading schedule. Players that need to be graded will also be notified by e-mail.

All players in the U-6, U-8, U-10, and U-13 leagues will be placed on teams via a player draft. By registering your child, you agree to have him or her placed in such a draft, during which any of our volunteer coaches may pick him or her onto a team. Carrollton Boosters does not guarantee placement of any player onto any particular team, or onto a team with any particular other player(s). The only exceptions are that coaches get to pick their own children, and that siblings within a league are placed on the same team, unless otherwise requested by their parent/guardian. After players have been drafted onto a team, registration fees will not be refunded or credited, except in cases of illness or injury.

When registering your child or children for soccer, please consider coaching your child’s team. Carrollton relies on volunteer parents to coach its teams. Coaching is an excellent way to not only develop a greater appreciation for soccer, but to form a special bond with your son or daughter as the season progresses. In order to coach, simply answer “yes” to the question when registering, then also register yourself as a coach, and we will contact you.

Another fun way to contribute to the program is to sponsor your child’s team. Sponsors select the team’s colors and name, and may include a business name and logo as well. The fee is $275 and can be paid with your child’s registration or can be paid by a separate check. Simply answer “yes” to the sponsor question when registering your child. After you have completed the registration, return to our web site and click on the “soccer sponsor form” tab in order to submit your sponsor info. Your sponsorship will be attached to your child’s team unless you specify otherwise. For more information on sponsoring a soccer team, contact Bill Hudlow at soccer@carrolltonboosters.org


Our partners in soccer, the New Orleans Jesters, under the supervision of Coach Kenny Farrell, will conduct holiday soccer camps during the winter break. Please consult the Jesters web site,
http://www.nolajesters.com, for more information.

We also offer, for an additional fee of $50, a series of clinics (training sessions) during the soccer season on Friday evenings. All players registered for the Carrollton Boosters soccer leagues are eligible to participate. Register for the clinic with your child’s soccer registration, or contact Alan Godchaux at
algodch@aol.com if you wish to add the clinic after you have registered your child for the soccer league.

When registering, please also consider making a tax-deductible contribution to one or more of the following funds:
Capital Fund - contributions to this fund are used for continued additions and improvements to our fields and facilities.
Scholarship Fund – contributions to this fund help allow Carrollton to include financially underprivileged children in our various programs.
Security Fund – contributions to this fund help Carrollton maintain a visible security force at all our venues.

Fall Socccer Champions

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 5.12.35 PM
Congratulations to the U10 Boys Fall 2015 Soccer Champions the Chart Room Pirates: Head Coach Chris Sarpy, Assistant Coaches Wheeler Moorman & Mike Batten