Softball grading begins April 2nd

A reminder that Softball is starting soon at Carrollton Boosters. If you have not already done so, register your children by clicking on “Registration” above. Please don’t let vacations or camps deter your daughter from participating. Just include that information when registering.We need additional Coaches and Sponsors in all leagues, so please consider volunteering to coach, or offering to sponsor, your child’s team when registering.
All grading sessions listed below will be held at Carrollton’s baseball/softball complex on the Audubon Riverview (the Fly). Grading sessions will generally last as long as there are still players in line. More details regarding grading will be sent by email.
Players must be registered in order to be graded.

The grading schedule is as follows:

7-8 Girls Sunday, April 2 12:00 pm Field E
Tuesday. April 4 6:30 pm Field B

9-10 Girls
Monday, April 3 6:00 pm Field D
Tuesday, April 4 6:30 pm Field D

11-12 Girls Thursday, April 6 6:30 pm Field A

13-17 Girls TBA