2015 Softball Coordinators

5/6 Softball – Coordinator Dale Gallagher – dale.gallagher@takeda.com  215.901.2029
7/8 Softball – Coordinator Patrick Able – patrickable@bonitz.com  504.782.4522
9/10 Softball – Coordinator Leslie Martin – lchristopher@cox.net  504.451.9366
11/12 Softball – Coordinator Brian Soileau – brian.soileau@gmail.com  504.237.5750
13-16 Softball – Coordinator Scott Goodwin – scott.goodwin@exxonmobil.com 504.301.8484

2015 Softball


The Carrollton Boosters baseball/softball program is a recreational intramural program for boys aged 4–15 as of April 30, 2015, and girls aged 4–16 as of December 31, 2014. Registered players are placed in the following leagues according to date of birth:

4-year old Boys & Girls mixed T-Ball

5-6 Girls Softball
7-8 Girls Softball
9-10 Girls Softball
11-12 Girls softball
13-16 Girls Softball

All players are drafted onto teams, then play a schedule of games beginning in late April or early May. It is expected that the season will end on or before Saturday, July 18, although some leagues will end sooner. Most games are at Carrollton’s Riverview fields on the Butterfly, behind the Audubon Zoo. Older boys play on Avenger Field.

Coaches will schedule practices after the teams are drafted. Practices may be at locations other than where the games are played.

Players will be issued a team shirt and cap or visor, to be worn at all games. They will need an appropriately sized glove, plus either cleats (preferable) or tennis shoes.

For more information regarding the baseball/softball program, contact:

Softball: Mark Dodart at


To register, click on the registration tab and follow the procedure. The fee is $185 for your first child, plus $160 for each additional child. If registering more than one child, be sure to register all children before checking out. You may pay on line by credit card or you may choose the option to send a check, but note that your registration is not considered complete until fees are paid. Players who are not registered will not be graded or drafted onto teams.

Contact Alan Godchaux at
algodch@aol.com for help with registration or for payment assistance.


All players, except for the 4’s and 5-6’s, must be graded. Grading will begin as early as March 29 for boys, and as early as April 12 for girls. Consult our web site in March for the detailed grading schedule.


Coaching is an excellent way to not only develop a greater appreciation for baseball or softball, but to also form a special bond with your son or daughter as the season progresses. If you are interested in being a coach, simply answer “yes” to the question when registering, then also register yourself as a volunteer coach, and we will contact you.


Please also consider sponsoring your child’s team. As a sponsor, you get to pick the team’s colors and name, and may include a business logo as well. The tax-deductible fee is $275 and can be paid with your child’s registration by credit card or can be paid by a separate check. Answer “yes” to the sponsor question when registering your child. Later, after you have completed the registration, please return to our web site and click on the sponsor form link in order to submit your sponsor info or, if you prefer, simply e-mail your info to us as per below. Your sponsorship will be attached to your child’s team unless you specify otherwise. If you have any questions, please contact:

Boys’ leagues, including mixed 4’s: Rini Marcus 261-0119 or

Girls’ leagues: Betsy Laborde 491-3218 or


When registering, please also consider making a tax-deductible contribution to one or more of the following funds:
Capital Fund - contributions to this fund are used for continued additions and improvements to our fields and facilities.
Scholarship Fund – contributions to this fund help allow Carrollton to include financially underprivileged children in our various programs.
Security Fund – contributions to this fund help Carrollton maintain a visible security force at all our venues.

10u tournament team wins

Carrollton Boosters u10 softball tournament team won first place in the USSSA All-Star Classic.  The tournament took place in Folsom from July 11-12th, 2015.trophy picture

12 and under softball team wins again

12u champions softball, USSSA all star opener. 1st place.FullSizeRender

11-12 Softball wins Folsom tourney

Screen shot 2014-07-20 at 7.57.18 PM